Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blogjam (Excuses and Explanations)

Welcome to the first ever Time Delay September post. Yeah, during the blog's first year, I kinda skipped the big 'S'-month. I had reasons. Health, injury, hard drive crash, etc. As a result of which, October's first post was mainly explanatory, and was subtitled "Excuses, Excuses".

But I'm running a much tighter ship now. Yeah, you won't see crap like missing stretches of time these days. Currently, the blog is right on time. (Looking around, whistling innocently, refusing to meet your eyes.)

Okay, fine. So, the blog's a mess, schedule wise. Fine. I admit it. But I'm taking steps to get it back on track, and that's gotta count for something, right?

Recent History

Not too long ago, I posted part one of a three part series called "Crush or Fetish?". In the introduction to that piece, I said the following: “. . . this time I’m planning on having it finished and posted inside of a single week . . .”

I can't believe that I actually said that. Typed it up, and posted it for all to see. I've got no idea what I was thinking. Had I wanted to thoroughly jinx myself? I don't know.

I don’t necessarily believe in fate . . . but I definitely believe that fate is out to get me. So why would I give it that much ammunition?

Anyway, in between posting part one of that series and now (when I'm preparing to post part two), my Dad's been rushed to the hospital at least twice (honestly, I've lost count of how often he's been in the hospital in the past few months for pneumonia and congestive heart failure problems). And there's been other stuff going on that's kept me not just away from the library (and therefore internet access), but away from my keyboard at home as well, which is 'where the magic happens' writing-wise.

So: Couldn't get the three parter written and posted in a timely fashion. Okay, I can deal with that. But what really irks me is that I couldn't even get the three parter posted consecutively.

A week after part one ran, "The Year 39 Update" got posted. Autoposted. I didn't choose to post it between parts one and two, specifically. But when I finished writing it in early August, I uploaded it to Blogger and set the 'post options' so that it would run the morning of the 24th. I didn't realize that would be in the middle of what I was trying to keep as an uninterrupted stretch of something else. Yikes.

And after that, I needed to repost the current "Sugasm" before continuing on with other stuff. (It's the rules. If your blog is listed in the Sugasm, you have to repost the thing within seven days. I've been in the Sugasm four times now. I reposted it on time once, late twice, and plan on posting the current one by the end of the week before or at deadline.)

Things are starting to calm down. We've gone from Dad being rushed to the hospital in a near-death state to babies being born. (At somewhere between 4:00 and 4:30 am on Wednesday, September 9th, I became a first time Uncle. After 48 hours of labor, my brother's wife discharged a 7 lb, 7 oz, 20.6 inch healthy baby boy.

Yes, that's right - he was born with a weight of 7/7 on the date 09/09/09. My brother tells me, "Yeah, the kid's going to have obsessive compulsive disorder, just like you and me."


Anyway, I'm determined to get back on track again. Write, write, post, post.

But now the number of posts I want to write vs. how soon I want some of them out vs. certain dates that my OCD-addled brain wants certain posts out on vs. what would normally be a reasonable order to release posts in . . . aaaaaaaarrrrrrggghhhhh!

Blogjam. Too many potential post topics, too little space/time.

For example . . . I attended a Darklady mini-party on Saturday. I should be posting a party report. I should be doing that with the utmost immediacy. (It was a spectacular event, I can't remember ever having a better time at a party, and I can't wait to get the report written and posted!) But before I do that, I need to post part two of the "Crush or Fetish" series. (After you've read both of the posts in question, you'll understand why. Part two of "Crush or Fetish" reads like an accidental and thematic part one of a second series that the party report would be the part two of.)

I've had some bitching that I've been holding off on doing for awhile now. The anniversary of 9/11 seems (to me, anyway) like the perfect time to do that specific bout of bitching. When is that? Tomorrow. So I'd like to get that stuff written up tonight and posted tomorrow if at all possible.

And then I still have to repost the aforementioned "Sugasm" this week. But unlike previous Sugasm reposts, this one will have additional original text to it. So I've got to write that as well.

The current plan is to write the post about Darklady's recent party for posting on Monday. That same plan has me posting two pieces today, one each tomorrow and Saturday, and then the one on Monday. Then hopefully back to the Monday - Wednesday - Friday schedule again.

The Time Delay Overflow

We've just learned that I have difficulty producing and uploading enough material for a blog. So what's the next logical step, if you're crazy? Why, a second blog, of course!

Okay, taking on the other blog won't so much give me two blogs as it will a total of a blog and a half. The new project is called The "Time Delay" Overflow Blog (

One of the reasons for it's existence is to give me a place to put stuff that I want to write, but that doesn't really fit within the range of whatever post I'm writing on the topic du jour. It will also allow me to go a little meta, and talk about the blog posts themselves more. And hopefully, having a place for excess material will help me keep the word count of the posts in the main blog down to a reasonable size (that's the main complaint I get on the occasions that I do get feedback from readers. "It's too long! I died of old age halfway through! My great-grandchildren had to finish reading it for me, and they hadn't even been born when I loaded the page!" And so on.)

And Speaking of Too Much Text At Once . . .

Since I AM posting two pieces today (and despite my best efforts, the other one runs close to 3500 words), I suppose I should sign off here.

Signing off. And stay tuned.

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