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Age Play (Part Five)

Part Four

Ah, part five. The final installment in the five part age play series. (Not to say that there won’t be more age play topics in the future, but certainly not for a little while.) The intention was five posts in five consecutive days. Then my back went out and I pulled a muscle in my leg, and the next thing I know I’m taking an eight day break between parts one and two. (Whoops.) Five parts in 13 days? This thing kind of feels like a stone around my neck now, and I’m very glad that I can see its finish line.

But here at the part five starting gate, we begin with yet another lack of a recap. Next week I’m going to come back (probably) and stick ‘previous’ and ‘next’ links into the age play series, so that you can easily jump from post to post, rendering the need for such things as recaps obsolete. (Ha! I have beaten you, need-for-recaps!)

I will, however, repeat the “Age Play is NOT Pedophilia” disclaimer (for the umpteenth time): Age play has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with pedophilia. Age play has nothing to do with actual biological children. It’s about adults playing with the concept of age as it relates to themselves. Legal adults pretending to be kids. And legal adults interacting with other legal adults who are pretending to be kids. Any sexual age play has no interaction with actual children.

Age Play Sex Fantasy Scenarios

If a tree falls in the forest, and the Zen people hear it, do they care about it either way? Probably the wrong question for today’s post. Here’s a better one: If I knew a woman who was both into age play and willing to have sex with me, what kind of things would I want us to do? Heh. Yeah, that’s a MUCH more appropriate question.

The Incest Concept

In the first part of this series, I mentioned the seeming predisposition toward incest fantasy in age play (at least, in the age play erotic stories I used to find online). And while I don’t have any actual interest in incest, I do have quite a few age play based incest fantasies. Being the son in an erotic Mommy/son relationship. Being the daddy in a Daddy/daughter pairing. That sort of thing. But the big fantasy has always been (and probably will always be) the brother/sister scenario.

I was an only child until I was almost 15 years old. Sexually curious since I was 10 or so. And one of the things that I really wanted from the ages of 10 to 15 (and probably even later, to be perfectly honest), was a sister. Oh, I didn’t want my parents to have another child then. I wanted them to have retroactively had another child much, much earlier. Ideally, I wanted a twin sister. But I’d’ve settled for one either a year older or a year younger than me.

Because – as my little kid/early teen reasoning went – if I did have a comparable age sister, and I was as horny as I was . . . it would stand to reason that she’d be horny too. And in my head, this imaginary sister of mine would come to the same conclusions that I would. Horny, with an opposite sex peer living under the same roof? Hmm . . . really, you can’t NOT take advantage of that opportunity, can you?

So, yeah. While most of my fantasies are little/little pairings (as opposed to big/little), if you want to really thrill me during age play, you’ll throw in a little sibling incest into the mix.

Of course, this is all abstract. Now I’ve got a sister. And while I can recognize that she’s pretty (plus, you know, a redhead), she doesn’t do anything for me. At all. Why? I can only assume that it’s because she’s my sister. (Like that needed explaining. Sheesh. Oh – I guess after the previous couple of paragraphs, it did need explaining. Well, never mind then.)

Could I have had incest fantasies about ‘my sister’ if I’d’ve actually had one my age back then? Who knows? But it’s apparently just a conceptual thing. A scenario I used to fantasize about when I was younger, and now just another story category on Literotica that I should have NO problem coming up with ideas for as I try to write stories this year.

Little/Little Fantasies

Anyway, regardless of whether or not they’ve got the ‘sibling fantasy’ template attached to them, there are lots and lots of fantasies I want to explore. I’ve already mentioned several of these fantasy scenarios based on elements from my past. The whole I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours game. (Either as it’s own thing, or as something that goes further and leads to more.)

There’s the 12-year-old’s version of losing my virginity. (Several of my classmates were losing theirs around that time – why wasn’t I?) I mentioned having lots of paper route fantasies. And the reason I didn’t go into detail is because I’ve got a post about my paper route days in the works.

Time jump up to high school, and there’s more fantasy fodder. The 16-year-old’s version of losing my virginity. (Or 17-year-old’s.) And while it’s true that in high school, it was Penny (not her real name) that made my heart swell, there were other girls that had similar effects on another one of my body parts. Rocket Girl (not her real name) was the subject of the occasional masturbation fantasy. And then there was the White Tiger (not her real name).

White Tiger paid me no attention whatsoever until she discovered that I was still a virgin. Once she discovered that little tidbit, I started to interest her a little. (Mainly as a curiosity. She wasn’t suddenly trying to actively seduce me or anything.) But there was that one time when her and a couple of the school’s stoners were in the park as I was walking through, and she came up to me – already high as the proverbial kite – and told me that they were heading back to her house to party, and that I should come with them.

I declined her offer, and she told me that I didn’t need to smoke with them, but that I should come along so that she could ‘make me a man’. Did I mention that the White Tiger was sexy as Hell? I still declined. Good Catholic boy strikes again. (Or is that, ‘Good Catholic boy DOESN’T strike again’?) Maybe if she’d made the offer when she hadn’t been stoned out of her mind . . .

20+ years later (and still not yet ‘a man’ by her definition), I think that if I had a chance to do things over again, I’d probably do them a little differently. I know that I’d definitely like to have some wild teenage sex with an age play ‘girl’ in her otherwise empty house ‘before her parents get home’ sometime.

And beyond the teen years? Taking on the adult role in an age play scenario has a whole world of possibilities.

Big/Little Fantasies

Having read lots of stories from Literotica’s “Incest/Taboo” category has filled my head with all sorts of Daddy/daughter fantasies. Seducing Daddy for any number of reasons – to keep from being forced to get an after school job, to not get kicked out of the house, or simply for shoe money. Or the more altruistic-seeming seductions, trying to become a replacement after the loss of his wife (her mother) following either death or divorce.

And not just Daddy – Uncle, Grandpa, even older Cousin. I can think of several decent (and cock-hardening) scenarios for each of those. Not to mention the classic friend of the family but not actually blood relative “Uncle”.

Beyond the family roles, there are other classic scenarios. The store owner who catches the little girl shoplifting, and exacts his own punishment. The unethical therapist who manipulates his young patient. Any authority figure with a legitimate cause to punish.

All sorts of different Teacher/Student scenarios come to mind. The old standby of the failing student who will do ANYTHING for a passing grade. Or the much quirkier concept of a teacher giving a remedial course in sex abuse prevention to his younger student. (“First of all, don’t let anybody ever put one of these . . . into here . . . like this . . . uh! . . . and then pump it in and out . . . like this . . .”)

Doctor or nurse is a good adult role for a little to play off of. That’s another potential age play/X play combo: medical fetishism combined with little Billy or little Susie’s trip to the doctor. But even without fetishistic play involving actual medical props, there’s still getting undressed and getting examined. Possibly getting probed, depending on the type of ‘doctor’, and what symptoms the little’s persona is currently exhibiting.

And any adult role is a good one if the little in question is a ‘little girl’ (late school kid through teen) who’s gotten access to her feminine wiles early, learning to use her body to get what she wants. The type of girl who, if she can’t get her way with her low-cut top and short skirt, then she’ll resort to using what’s IN her low-cut top and short skirt.

Yeah, okay, I realize that a lot of the above sounds like bad porn scenarios. But there are others. The idealistic young girl who sets out to prove the love knows no age limit. The student wanting to thank her teacher – and not taking no for an answer – for helping her pass the class and graduate. (Not a trade of sexual favor for grades, but an unasked for reward for his extra time in tutoring her until she finally understood the material.) Or lovers reincarnated at slightly different times, leaving one ‘of age’ and the other not.

Here Cums Santa Claus

And then, of course, there’s Santa play. Santa is old and immortal. And while I, personally, wouldn’t feel right about the defamation of character inherent in putting Santa in a sexual situation with anyone under the age of puberty, what you do with your age play is your business. Santa and teenage girls, on the other hand . . .

Back in December of 1990, I picked up that month’s issue of “Badger” (Mike Baron’s second greatest contribution to comic books, right after his and Steve Rude’s “Nexus”). Anyway, issue #70 was entitled “Klaus”, and by time the story was well underway, the Badge ended up going on the Christmas run with a long-disillusioned and VERY surly Santa (now simply going by Klaus).

There’s this one panel where Klaus was taking a mid-run break, sitting on a couch in someone’s England home, with a sweet young thing sprawled across his lap. Their speech balloon dialogue:
“Well, Ashley, maybe you’d better show me those worn-out panties so Uncle Klaus is sure you really need all those things from Victoria’s Secret . . .”

“Okay . . . (Tee hee!) But we’ve got to be quiet . . . we don’t want to wake Mother!”

Yikes! Naughty Klaus! And yet, if I could get me a Santa suit and a (legal) sweet young thing . . . oh my! At any rate, that basic premise makes for a great age play scenario.

And you really don’t even need the jolly fat man himself for age play encounters. Christmastime age play can make do with just invoking the name.


“Yes, little girl?”

“If Santa’s so fat, how can he get down the chimney?”

Daddy’s answer is that he greases himself up, and that make him slide right down. His little girl doesn’t believe him. So a demonstration is called for. That night, just before bathtime, Daddy’s little girl lies naked on the bed, giggling.

“Little girl, is your pussy great big, or is it tiny?”

“It’s tiny, Daddy. (Giggle) You know that.”

“And is Daddy’s hand tiny, or is it big?”

“It’s big!”

“That’s right. Now, let’s say that your tiny little pussy is our chimney. And Daddy’s great big hand is Santa Claus. Now this tube of KY Jelly is Santa’s magic chimney grease . . .”

Age play + fisting.

Age Play Porn

Thinking about age play gets me horny. Sometimes I think about age play, and find myself wishing that I had some age play porn to jack off to.

But I’m not sure that age play porn actually exists. Oh, you can find erotic stories online here and there that deal with age play. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about being able to pop in a DVD and watch an man and a woman dressed in age play styled clothing acting their personas’ ages, and ending up having some kind of sexual encounter for the benefit of fueling my imagination and masturbatory habits.

About a year or so ago, someone brought me a disk full of assorted porn clips that they’d downloaded from various places online. One of those clips was from, and is the closest thing to actual age play porn that I’ve seen.

Technically, it’s incest fantasy porn (the clip is entitled “Brother Fucker”), the plot of which involves a guy convincing his reluctant sister to let him fuck her in the ass. But she’s dressed in plaid skirt and white shirt with necktie, and starts out laying on her stomach on the floor in front of the TV playing Mario Kart, knees bent, feet up in the air behind her. He’s in a t-shirt and shorts. And all throughout their encounter there is a repeated worry that ‘Mom’s going to come home and bust us’.

A few months later I got some more clips from (no more incest, but several more anal clips, and a couple of very nice footjob pieces). Same couple all the way through, apparently they’re real life husband and wife.

We Need a Porn Meme

The “Brother Fucker” clip got me thinking, oddly enough, about memes.

Someone with a blog will think up a clever question, and send it off to another blogger, ‘tagging’ him with the meme. That blogger answers the question, and then tags someone else. And on it goes.

Or like the more creative-oriented memes, like the Batgirl meme that hit the comics blog world a year or so back. The one where everyone with at least a crumb of artistic talent and a blog ended up drawing and posting their redesign of Batgirl.

I think that this is what we need. We need a porno meme. An age play porno meme. But not among the bloggers. No, we need this meme to circulate among everyone that has their own original content porn site.

Wifecrazy. Uh . . . hmm. Well, I’d like to give you a longer list of likely candidates here, but . . . if you’ll all remember, the source of my internet is the library of a Catholic seminary. I don’t think that their content filters will be a big help to me here. And I can’t remember any of the other sites that I’ve gotten downloaded clips from.

Anyway, you get my point. We should set a date several months in advance, and then send an age play challenge to everyone with their own porn site to post an age play porn video on that day.

Maybe exhibitionist amateurs will get in on the action and take home videos of some of their own age play encounters to dump into the Bit Torrent network on Age Play Meme Day. Who knows what craziness could occur?

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For some of us, age play is not taking on a persona, it's about being our real inner child.