Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Road to KinkFest - 29 Days and Counting

Holy Crap! Less than a month left now. Still many, many things to do. And now only roughly half the time in which to do them since back when these ‘Road to KinkFest’ reports first started.
KinkFest 2009 – SOLD OUT!

Well, the PLA (or whoever the Hell is in charge of this thing) has announced that they’ve stopped taking membership applications for the event. KinkFest is now officially sold out. (Which makes me OH SO VERY GLAD that I picked up my membership nearly a month ago.)


On the transportation issue, if all else fails, my sister has (tentatively) agreed to come up and bring me back home if there’s no other option. But I still haven’t officially managed to score a ride up to the event. I’m not overly worried about it, though. Something’ll work out. The wishy-washiness that is Zorch’s scheduling ability hasn’t yet confirmed him being out of state during that week, so I still might be able to get him to ferry me to and from the event. (Although, Zorch being Zorch, I might not get confirmation on that until the last possible minute. Fuckin’ Zorch.)


People have started posting requests for hotel roommates during the event on FetLife’s KinkFest group (along with some of the other Pacific Northwest oriented groups.) I’ve responded to a few of these. One of them I wasn’t quick enough for. Another one I turned out to be the wrong gender for. (Which was sad, because I was hoping that we’d get to know each other during our in room time, hit it off, and she’d agree to play with me in the dungeon. She’s not only hot, but there’s a lot of correlation between our fetishes.)

Anyway, fearing that I wouldn’t make anyone’s roommate cut before the hotel ran out of available rooms at the convention rate, I went ahead and reserved a room, then posted my own ‘looking for a roommate’ notice. I’ve had one bite thus far (which really, is all it takes), and we’re conversing to make arrangements and whatnot. Hopefully, this means that somebody other than me is definitely paying for half of the room I’m staying in. Yay!

Right now I’ve got enough incoming money earmarked for my half of the hotel room. Membership is already paid for. So now my remaining financial worries are food money for the weekend, and spending money for the vendor’s area.

Anyone interested in making a donation to the Help Send Zeitgeist the Clown to KinkFest in Style (or At Least More Style Than That of a Poverty-Stricken Lummox) Fund can send an inquiry to Zeitgeist_the_Clown at Yahoo dot com. (The obvious substitutions need to be made in the aforementioned email address for optimum functionality. Hopefully swapping out the “@” and “.” in the listed address will keep the robots from trying to sell my cheap Viagra.)

Play Partners

My goal of lining up a play partner (or play partners) prior to the event is still nowhere in sight. And after all that work I’ve put in over the past week and a half, sitting in my chair with a fucked-up back, a pulled muscle in my leg, and a bad cold – going nowhere near the internet and contacting NO kinky potentials. Sheesh! (Oh, wait – now I get it! I was supposed to be doing the OPPOSITE of that! D’oh!)

Saturday night I’ll be sitting at home. Probably either working on a post for the following week, or trying to write some erotica for Literotica’s 2009 Lit Survivor Competition. (Or, even more likely, watching DVDs of House.) Why? Because I don’t drive.

Don’t drive, and don’t live close to anyone who’s traveling in the direction that I want to go. Saturday night, I should be going to the Asylum’s monthly play party. It’s their pre-KinkFest party, and despite my tendency to just sit on the sidelines and watch silently, I tell myself that if I were to go, I’d talk to people who were going to KinkFest. I’d meet people, and I’d line up a play partner or two for the KinkFest dungeon. (Not to mention possibly getting a little BDSM action right then and there at the Asylum.)

I’m still hoping to get some prearranged activities lined up before hand. But time’s running out. 29 days and counting down.

The Schedule

The workshop schedule looked the same yesterday as it did when I talked about it last time. (At least, the workshops that I plan on attending were still all in the same place.) I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way.


I was thinking about trying to procure some kind of fetishwear prior to KinkFest. (This is, for the most part, a whimsical idea. I intend write a post next month about fetishwear, and the working title of this potential masterpiece is “UFOs, Bigfoot, Atlantis, and Affordable Size 4/5X Fetishwear for Men”.)

Despite the obvious problems in dressing up for kink, I wanted to at least make an effort. I was thinking about trying to pick up a (cheap) black leather vest. I found an online biker goods store that had a 4X plain leather vest for $30. (No, I wasn’t sure where the $30 would have come from, but this was still all a work-in-progress in my head at that point anyway.)

I was almost ready to talk to my aunt (who occasionally buys me clothing if she finds something in my size on sale at Fred Meyer), and see if I could come up with a reason (without mentioning my attending a BDSM conference) why I might legitimately need a black leather vest. And then something occurred to me. If I got this vest, I’d have to spend the entirety of KinkFest standing behind something. Because – as a 450 lb man – the entirety of my from-waist-to-ankle wardrobe selections consist of sweatpants.

So, I’m trying to picture this. Black leather vest over black t-shirt. And as the field of view tilts down . . . faded and ratty black sweats. Yeah, it doesn’t scream Dom as much as it just makes me giggle a little. So . . . no fetishwear this year. Maybe if I lose another massive chunk of weight before NEXT March, then we’ll look into the fetishwear thing for KinkFest 2010.

The Top Ramen Horror Continues

I’m trying to find alternate means of coming up with money for KinkFest than just slashing my (already pathetic) food budget. But I’m needle-phobic and chronically ill, so trying to sell my blood is probably a no-go. And since I can’t get anyone to have sex with me for free, I doubt I’d be able to find paying customers if I turned gigolo.

But in the meantime, I continue eating bowl after bowl of Top Ramen in an effort to save money. With the occasional frozen pizza or egg sandwich thrown in to keep me from going completely insane.

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